What we do

Zentense develops custom software solutions, usually in the form of a web or mobile app. We also integrate our apps with other existent systems generating sinergies between the parts that enhance the whole.

Our solutions can be grouped into the following categories, although we are not limited to them since we make custom software:

Web Solutions

Event Solutions

If what you are looking for is technical production of events, we have a specialized division in which is called Watambi Networks.

Aplicable a todas nuestras soluciones:


We take great care of the user experience to make using our applications the most intuitive and rewarding.


The web is developed thinking to be used on desktop, mobile or tablet and making the most of each device.


Our applications can support multiple languages as well as different date and currency formats according to location of the user.

Who we work for

Here is a selection of the projects we are most proud of. There are many more that are not shown here, and probably some of them would deserve too appear in this list, but choosing means discarding:

Who we are

Zentense was born in 2001 in Barcelona as a web application development company after the hangover of the first dot-com bubble.

With an important portfolio of clients in the leisure and entertainment sector, during these more than 15 years we have developed a series of solutions specific to this sector.

Some of our software solutions, especially for events, require an infrastructure with some technical requirements to function properly, and during the last years we found out that often the best solution was to implement those infrastructures ourselves.

Event production operations have grown to take on an entity of their own and become what is now Watambi . Together, Zentense and Watambi offer a range of solutions specific to the events sector that both, horizontally and vertically, are difficult to match.

What sets us apart from the rest

Many others develop websites or mobile apps and are too specialized how to give a complete solution, or are limited to exploiting a particular product."

At Zentense we treat the software as part of a technological ecosystem (a system consisting of the sum of hardware + software and the interactions and data exchanges between them on an on-line habitat). The different parts must be correctly integrated for an optimal operation of all the digital tools that your business needs.

We can help you build this digital ecosystem for your company, either by developing custom parts, or by integrating existing specific products (usually via APIs) between them.

Why Zentense

These are the reasons that make us a good choice:

Because we make custom software

Being custom, you get the application you need, no more, no less. They will say that it is expensive and slow to make custom software. As for the first point, how cheap is something that does not work well or does not do what you expect?, and as for the latter, sometimes it is almost as costly to adapt an existing application than to start a new one, and of course, we use libraries and frameworks that accelerate development.

Because of our experionca of more than 15 years

And since then many things have changed and many new technologies we have learned to stay up to date, and above all, much we have had to learn from our customers to know what they need.

Because we are a small company

And we do not have the huge structure costs of the big consultants, we can react quickly to changes, and your project will not go from hand to hand. Some will say that a small company is at risk of disappear and your project would stall, but (see previous point), we are here to stay.

Because we like what we do

We like technology and we like to develop applications with it, and when you do things with love, it shows in the details of the end result.



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