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Electronic Commerce

The Internet is an ideal distribution channel for your products: it allows you to pick up orders 24/7 and you only have to worry about shipping the goods. If what you sell can be delivered electronically, it works by itself.

There are many software packages for e-commerce. But in all the years that we have been developing electronic commerces we have not yet made two that work completely the same. Although often many things works the same, each e-commerce has its idiosyncrasies and its own rules.

And this is where custom projects shine. Do you want to set up a delegated sales system? Do you want to set up a marketplace where third parties sell through your platform? Do you want to reward to affiliates that get you more sales? We can do all that and more.

All this without forgetting about payment methods or security. We have extensive experience both in the classic TPV Redsys, and in integrations with more modern electronic payment systems that sport more advanced features.

Electronic commerce and electronic means of payment are two of our specialites. We can implement the business logic you want: your commerce, your rules.

Typical use cases

These are some examples of electronic commerce typical applications:


Business-to-Consumer is the typical case of retail sales, focused on the final consumer. Virtually any product or service can be sold online.


Business-to-Business is the electronic commerce focused on wholesale to other companies, usually between the manufacturer or distributor of a product and retail.


Peer-to-Peer trade is when the seller is a web user who puts items for sale so that other web users can buy them.


Here is a selection of some of the projects in which we have developed electronic commerce:
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