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Video on demand / e-Learning

Video is the multimedia content par excellence on the web and it shines especially in a project of on-line courses (e-learning) or a web of video on demand a la Netflix

We refer to any website that revolves around video content, under some payment or subscription model. To publish videos on the internet there are already insurmountable platforms. This is about capitalizing on the value of exclusive video content.

Zentense does not develop the video platform itself, there are already several excellent ones that can be used like Vimeo, Brightcove or Youtube. What we are talking about is creating a website that integrates with one or more of these platforms and with one or more payment methods, either in a subscription model that is renewed periodically automatically or in a pay-per-view model.

And for maximum content protection, they can be protected with DRM, the digital content protection system used by the industry.

Online courses have a special relevance in these difficult times in which social distance is so important.

Typical use cases

Here are some examples of typical applications that use video on demand:

Online courses

e-Learning is a perfect case for this type of solution. Users subscribe to the course and viewings can follow different rules depending on tests or controls.

Video platforms

Video catalogs that can be seen under periodic subscription, buying subscriptions, or acquiring the right to view a single work.


Here is a selection of some of the e-learning or video on demand projects that we have developed:
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