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We have sold the tickets for the best festivals and clubs, from Sónar to Monegros Desert Festival, Amnesia Ibiza, Elrow, Florida 135, In-Edit, etc ... no matter your size, you can sell your tickets with us with the best conditions. tickets online.

We have 20 years of experience selling tickets on the Internet!

Our white label ticketing software is called Magneticket and it can cover almost any type, regardless of size or type of event thanks to its wide range of functionalities:

  • Progressive prices by number of tickets sold or by date
  • Discount codes, free, multipurpose, etc
  • Reservation of seats on map
  • Nominal or anonymous tickets
  • Sale with the event underway
  • Validation from mobile app
  • Compatibility with Google Wallet
  • From simple events to festivals
  • Passes and accreditations for festivals or congresses
  • Ticket image customizable by event
  • Sales widget configurable and easily embeddable on any website
  • You can charge directly at your own POS
  • Scalable from small spaces with few locations to large spaces
  • Total control of your customer data

And not only that, we can also develop ticketing solutions tailored to any pocket and needs. Don't hesitate and contact us for more information!

We have 20 years of experience selling tickets on the Internet!
No matter the size or characteristics of the event, we will find a ticketing solution that meets the needs of your company.

Typical use cases

These are some examples of electronic ticket typical applications:

Custom ticketing

You sell tickets for one or more medium to large events. If you think about the total sum you are being charged for selling the tickets, would that be enough to get your own custom electronic ticket solution? Yes, it will.

White label ticketing

You sell tickets for one or more small events and right now you do not pose the investment of having your own custom ticketing because there are a lot white label ones but what they charge seems very high. Come talk to us!

Help desk

We deal with ticktes sale help desk or support to users that for any reason need some extra guidance during the ticket purchase, either by phone, chat or email.


Here is a selection of some of the projects in which we have developed ticketing software:
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